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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Behind the killing of UNDP head in Mogadishu

Armed gunmen led by Al-Shabaab officer commonly known as Timo Jilec are said to be behind the killing of the head of the UNDP in Mogadishu, Osman Ali Ahmed.

This was confirmed by a witness who withheld his name for security reasons. The witness also confirmed that the same gunmen have on two previous occasions attacked the UNDP offices in Mogadishu.

The deceased Osman Ali Ahmed died while being treated in a hospital run by AMISOM forces in Somalia. He died from gunshot wounds. He was shot at while coming out from a Mosque and after fulfilling his Friday prayers obligation.

Two other people, including his son, who were with him at the time of shooting were also wounded.

Al-Shabaab have previously declared that they will attack the UNDP office cause it failed to heed their demand to switch of the lights. Al-Shabaab’s animosity and attacks on UN linked humanitarian agencies is purely based on their anger towards the World Body who they see as an enemy of their cause.